Iced Tea 

Hand hovering over the send button, 

I think maybe if I don’t look it won’t actually happen.

There was a day once.

Bacon egg and cheeses on freshly baked bagels and large iced teas, the cold wind whipping off of the water and slashing our faces.

It’s such a townie thing to go to the beach in the winter, but how else would I have gotten you to hold my hand.

Lips barely moving.

The cold numbed our bodies, our speech, our emotions.

Why did we both get iced tea?

We went to that same beach a year later but we never touched and we stayed in your car.

We talked about our new partners 

We said we were really happy for each other.

It’s been two years;

I watched my finger move as I pressed send.

2,392 miles is a stretch 

We probably won’t grab a beer any time soon. But you added a smiley face emoticon after you said ‘let’s catch up’

It’s a shame to throw away what we were long before what we became. 


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