Styrofoam Cups and Sample Spoons

I think better when I hear your voice.

Things that had been plaguing me
somehow just seem to make sense
coming off of your lips.

The way you can make the whole world make sense.

So carefree. So fearless.

I remember a day when we laughed. The hot leather of your car seats burned my legs but I forgot the pain when I looked at your lips.

I couldn't foresee what would come of those.

I was feeding you passionfruit Italian ices while you had your hands on the wheel and the gear shift. The air was so hot. The urgency notable.

I should have kissed you when I fed you those ices.

In between a laugh or a comment or something.

I had lemon ices that day like always.

I had never tasted passionfruit until I met you.


Birthday Cake

Tiered to the sky with sickening sweetness and sprinkles

the obnoxious colors of your Lisa Frank folder you had in the second grade

buy me candy turns into

buy me shots

with age

comes the realization that nobody wants to celebrate your birthday

celebrations of the self are inherently narcissistic

so people take advantage

of your life

to celebrate their own



$10 Chianti

I cried thinking about you last night

i don’t know if it was because I missed you, or your body, or the feeling of your hand on my back

my mind usually doesn’t falter this much when it’s only been 10 days.

i wanted the feeling of my cheek on your chest and of your hot lips. Clumsily kissing me just like the first time.

i cried thinking last night

I don’t know if it was because I drank most of that bottle by myself Saturday night while I was with my friends and you were with yours

I told you I was having fun, and I really think I was.

i called you two times before you answered, I guess third time really is a charm

I cried last night

and I called you and told you I loved you, but I’m not sure why I was crying.




Honey Oat Sandwich Bread

Getting your hands dirty always happens when you don’t plan on it

flour wedged under too long fingernails

embossed with the imprints of your unwashed sheets because you just couldn’t wait to get to sleep

you laid there though, not moving but completely awake

unsure of what came first your doubt or that phone call

kneading dough is oddly therapeutic when you’re thinking about ending things

you know it’ll just rise back up after you punch it down

but there’s only so much yeast

at one point or another it’ll get punched and stay down

then you’re left with tough bread

something that used to feed thousands but somehow fell short in your loaf pan

you punch it again, this time achieving nothing but blowing off steam

you don’t need the carbs


via Daily Prompt: Aesthetic

7.2% ABV

I got a flight because I like variety

Sour, bitter, full of yeast

Clear, hazy.

I took my headset off feeling like a businesswoman

It’s loud in here

I immediately wished the phone call had been with someone else

It’s not because I don’t love you

It’s just because the bright energy I craved would have made the sour beer taste sweet and the bitter ones taste less like your tone of voice

The palm trees here remind me of green eyes

I haven’t seen them in years

Iced Tea 

Hand hovering over the send button, 

I think maybe if I don’t look it won’t actually happen.

There was a day once.

Bacon egg and cheeses on freshly baked bagels and large iced teas, the cold wind whipping off of the water and slashing our faces.

It’s such a townie thing to go to the beach in the winter, but how else would I have gotten you to hold my hand.

Lips barely moving.

The cold numbed our bodies, our speech, our emotions.

Why did we both get iced tea?

We went to that same beach a year later but we never touched and we stayed in your car.

We talked about our new partners 

We said we were really happy for each other.

It’s been two years;

I watched my finger move as I pressed send.

2,392 miles is a stretch 

We probably won’t grab a beer any time soon. But you added a smiley face emoticon after you said ‘let’s catch up’

It’s a shame to throw away what we were long before what we became.