Styrofoam Cups and Sample Spoons

I think better when I hear your voice.

Things that had been plaguing me
somehow just seem to make sense
coming off of your lips.

The way you can make the whole world make sense.

So carefree. So fearless.

I remember a day when we laughed. The hot leather of your car seats burned my legs but I forgot the pain when I looked at your lips.

I couldn't foresee what would come of those.

I was feeding you passionfruit Italian ices while you had your hands on the wheel and the gear shift. The air was so hot. The urgency notable.

I should have kissed you when I fed you those ices.

In between a laugh or a comment or something.

I had lemon ices that day like always.

I had never tasted passionfruit until I met you.


Candy Floss 

You are fleeting in a way that all good things are

you leave me with the best taste in my mouth right before disappearing 

Cotton candy in a pink martini, gone the second liquid touches it 

Thin strings wrapped around themselves playing out a thunderclap of laugher and a symphony of my name leaving your lips

Dissolving through the static of a phone call

I’d drink you up in a second if you weren’t so far away

If life had dealt me another hand

An ace of diamonds instead of a joker with teeth exposed 

Smiling through what could be in another life,
Or in a dream. 

But one always has to turn the light back on and wake up. 


Beep beep beep 

Birthday Cake

Tiered to the sky with sickening sweetness and sprinkles

the obnoxious colors of your Lisa Frank folder you had in the second grade

buy me candy turns into

buy me shots

with age

comes the realization that nobody wants to celebrate your birthday

celebrations of the self are inherently narcissistic

so people take advantage

of your life

to celebrate their own